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Individual Therapy for Adults and Adolescents

Focus Areas:

Attachment Injuries




Bipolar Disorder

Eating Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Personal Development

Spiritual Development

Fees &

Individual Psychotherapy (53 Minutes)

$175 per session

Psychological Assessment

$175 per hour


I am an in-network provider for Premera and First Choice. If I am out-of-network for your insurance I am able to provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance for potential out-of-network reimbursement. Reimbursement can be dependent on service and diagnosis.

No Surprise Act

Under the No Surprise Act, you have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate", which is an estimate of how much medical services will cost. Your healthcare provider is required to provide this estimate to all patients who are not using insurance. You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of non-emergency services. If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate.

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